Cashflow Consultant

Putting YOUR money back in YOUR hands.

Get all your "Ducks lined up in a row" ... 

Then YOUR clients pay YOU on Your terms, in full, on time, every time

The Problem with Cashflow:

Too many New Zealand businesses suffer as a result of slow paying clients.

Those outstanding invoices represent a debt your business is carrying; robbing you of essential cash on hand to pay your own bills and to run your business. Worse they actually erode the value of the invoice by sucking up your time, motivation and resources chasing clients who just will not pay on time

.“82% of Businesses fail due to lack of cash to pay creditors yet 69% of those businesses were profitable.” (J. Eden, The National Bank of New Zealand, Cash Flow Seminar, February 2011)

The secret of successful business is to collect money faster than you spend it, often easier said than done.

The Cashflow Solution:
In an ideal world all clients would pre-pay up front and your business would never have to carry their debt. Unfortunately this is not the world in which most of us live; here, customer debt is a reality that needs to be managed. The good news is that with the experience of cashflow consultants behind you, your business can manage customer debt from the get go so it doesn't become a problem further down the trail.

Our Service:
Cashflow Consultants will help you put systems and process in place that will;

  • End your debtor hassles
  • Identify repeat slow paying clients before they are a problem to you
  • Increase the ratio of clients who pay on time
  • Strengthen and fortify your cash flow
  • Increase your revenue by adding multiple high profit income streams
  • Free up more of your time to be applied where is of highest value
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Essential information for Business owners - get the FREE Report using link below

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